Understanding The Chinchilla Licks: Why Do Chinchillas Lick You?

Have you ever noticed that your chinchilla has been licking you? If so, you might be wondering what this behavior means and why it occurs. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at this fascinating behavior and explore the reasons why your chinchilla is licking you. Read on to find out more about understanding the chinchilla licks and discover the answers to some of your questions!

What Does It Mean When a Chinchilla Licks You?

A chinchilla licking you is a way of showing affection. When your chinchilla licks you, it is essentially giving you a little kiss. Chinchillas typically only lick people that they trust and feel comfortable around. So, if your chinchilla starts licking you, it means that it sees you as a friend and trusts you.

There are a few different ways that chinchillas show affection, but licking is one of the most common. If your chinchilla starts licking you, it’s a good sign that it enjoys your company and wants to be close to you.

Reasons Why Chinchillas lick You

There are many reasons why chinchillas lick you. Here are some of the most common reasons:

1. To show affection

2. To taste you

3. To groom you

4. As a form of communication

5. To show the submission

6. Because they’re curious

Is This Healthy or Dangerous Behavior?

There are a variety of opinions on whether or not it is healthy or dangerous for chinchillas to lick you. Some people believe that licking is a sign of affection and that it is perfectly safe. Others believe that licking is a sign of aggression and can be harmful.

So, what does the research say? There is actually not much scientific research on this topic. However, there are some experts who have weighed in on the matter. Dr. William Fortenberry, a small animal veterinarian, and chinchilla expert believes that licking is a sign of affection and is perfectly safe. He advises against letting your chinchilla lick your face, however, as their tongues can be quite scratchy.

Dr. Robyn Jay, another chinchilla expert, believes that licking can be a sign of either affection or aggression. She recommends observing your chinchilla’s body language to determine its intention. If the chinchilla appears relaxed and happy while licking, then it is probably showing affection. If the chinchilla appears tense or aggressive, then the licking may be a sign of aggression and should be avoided.

So, what should you do if your chinchilla starts licking you? If you’re not sure whether the licking is meant as a sign of affection or aggression, it’s best to err on the side of caution and avoid letting your chinchilla lick you altogether. If you are comfortable with your chinchilla licking you, then gently patting or petting the chinchilla is an appropriate response.

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Tips for Getting Your Chinchilla to Stop Licking You

If you’re like most chinchilla owners, you probably love when your furry friend licks you. But sometimes, you may want them to stop – especially if they’re getting a little too enthusiastic! Here are a few tips to get your chinchilla to stop licking you:

1. Start by offering them a small treat. Hold the treat in your hand and let your chinchilla lick it off. Once they’ve had a taste, they’ll be more likely to focus on the treat than on you!

2. If your chinchilla starts to lick you again, gently blow on their face. The blast of air will startle them and hopefully dissuade them from licking you again.

3. Some chinchillas enjoy being licked, so it may be necessary to give them a time-out from licking altogether. Place them in their cage or another designated area for a few minutes – this will let them know that licking is not allowed at the moment.

4. Try using a bitter-tasting spray on your skin. This will make licking less enjoyable for your chinchilla and may deter them from trying it again.

5. Finally, keep in mind that some chinchillas simply enjoy licking their owner’s skin because it tastes good to them! If this is the case with your chinchilla, there’s not much you can do to stop them – but take solace in knowing that they really do enjoy your company!

How to Properly Respond to a Chinchilla’s Lick

When a chinchilla licks you, it is not trying to be affectionate. Chinchillas lick as a way of exploring their environment and getting to know you. If you want to properly respond to a chinchilla’s lick, you should simply move away from the chinchilla and give it some space. If the chinchilla continues to lick you, you can gently blow it on its face or spray it with water.

Signs That a Chinchilla is Stressed Out or Uncomfortable

There are several signs that a chinchilla may be feeling stressed out or uncomfortable. If your chinchilla is licking you excessively, it may be a sign that it is feeling anxious or stressed. Other signs of stress in chinchillas include fur-chewing, pacing, excessive grooming, and hiding. If you notice any of these behaviors in your chinchilla, it is important to take steps to reduce its stress level. For example, you can try providing your chinchilla with more hiding spots and toys, and making sure that its cage is large enough for it to move around comfortably. You should also avoid handling your chinchilla too much, as this can further increase its stress levels.


To sum it up, chinchillas lick you to show affection and interest in you. If your chinchilla licks your hand or skin, then it’s likely showing that it loves and trusts you. As such, try not to discourage the behavior as this might create a sense of mistrust between the two of you. So next time your chinchilla starts licking your hand or face, take it as an indicator that they care about having a close relationship with you!