How to Make Your Chinchilla Happy: Simple But Effective Tips

Chinchillas are adorable, intelligent animals that make great pets. They require plenty of care and attention to ensure they’re living a happy and healthy life.

If you have a chinchilla in your home, there are lots of simple but effective ways to ensure it is happy and well-loved.

In this article, we’ll look at a few tips for making your chinchilla as happy as can be! From providing the right type of food to giving them enough playtime and love each day, these tips will help keep your furry friend healthy and happy. Read on to find out more!

Importance of Happy Chinchillas 

Satisfied and Happy Chinchillas

Okay so why do you think your pets should be kept happy and sated all the time? Well, the reason is the same as why human beings require happiness. 

  • The biggest pro of happiness is staying HEALTHY. Yes, it is the same for your chinchillas as well. Happiness is a balm that soothes their being and keeps them upbeat and on their best behavior.
  • Whereas depressed and unsatisfied chinchillas are prone to undesirable behaviors. For instance, if your chinchilla is angry at you, it is very likely to pee on you as you try to approach it. Sounds gross? Yes, it is. That is their way of expressing their displeasure at you.

Now let’s see some common signs that reveal to you that your chinchilla is happy.

Signs of A Happy Chinchilla

The nature of chinchillas is to be playful. They are known to jump around ledges and leap from one end to another all the time. They are highly energetic. And they are seen chewing stuff!

This is all normal chinchilla behavior. And this is something that hints that yes, your chinchilla is happy and satisfied with its surroundings. 

Although a disclaimer should be given that not all chinchillas are of the same demeanor. For some, the normal might not be very jumpy. They might be content with just sitting and chewing. 

This the caretaker or the owner needs to be aware of: as to what is the normal behavior of your chinchilla. Observe them from the beginning.

Keep in mind what they do and when they do it. This will make it easier for you to navigate your chinchillas mood.

But anything other than the normal (normal for your chinchilla) is a cause for concern. For instance, some chinchillas will make barking noises occasionally

This might be a sign that they are hungry or angry. Then you should either give them food to satiate them and even then if it continues you must figure out what is creating their problem.

So like this, you have to try and understand your chinchilla’s mood and ensure that they are happy.

Note: An universal sign of a happy and healthy chinchilla is that it will eat and drink normally. If there is any change in this pattern, you suspect some trouble.

Ways to Keep Your Chinchillas Happy

Give Attention!

Chinchillas tend to be friendly and sociable creatures. There are very few things that can please them more than your ATTENTION. They love it.

So how do you give them attention? First of all, it has to be light. Like you can scratch under their chins or gently pat their head by slowly smoothening your fingers through their hair.

Let Them Exercise

Exercise to make chinchilla happy

Chinchillas do not always like cooped up in their cages. Hell, most of us went crazy locked in our houses during the pandemic, how do you expect your chinchillas to be okay with being always under the lock and key?

So to keep them happy, you need to let them out daily. Just like you take your dogs or cats out for walks, let your chinchillas play around in an open area too. This will keep their bones sturdy, retain their upbeatness and overall lift their mood.

Create Ledges

There is nothing the chinchillas like more than jumping around. So to keep them happy and not let the chinchillas feel too constricted you can set up artificial ledges inside the cage. 

For this, you can use a variety of materials to give the chinchillas a more outdoors-type feeling.

Note: Ensure the ledges are sturdy enough. Or else with the force with which chinchillas leap, can break weaker stuff. It can also hurt itself in broken pieces.

Offer Occasional Treats

How to make your chinchilla happy

Chinchillas do not generally require treats. But offering treats never goes to waste. It will lift the chinchilla’s mood.

What treat can you offer? Well, chinchillas do not generally have fruits. So as a way of attempting to provide a  change for your pet you can offer it slices of fruits like apples.

Provide Creative Toys!

As established earlier chinchillas love to play. If you keep some toys inside its cage then automatically it starts liking you.

If you can keep chewable toys that’s a plus since chinchillas love chewing on stuff.

Remove The Mess

Do any of us like messy places? Messy bedding? Messy living conditions? No, right? Then how can you expect the animals to survive happily in messy conditions?

So a very obvious yet crucial thing to keep in mind while intending to keep your chinchilla happy is to ensure that its cage is clean.

Its bedding should be in place and not spread around everywhere. Stray food particles should be littered. Any water spills should be immediately wiped off. Any kind of odor must be immediately gotten rid of.

A clean environment makes a happy and healthy chinchilla. 

Mood-Spoilers Of Chinchillas That Make Them Unhappy 

Well, one would go to the extent of saying that chinchillas are moody creatures but their mood can be affected with just an inkling of negligence on your part.

Some mood-dampening stuff for chinchillas are:

  • Chinchillas hate water. So do not even try to bathe them in water. Use chinchilla dust for the purpose.
  • Chinchillas do not like being handled much. So do not try to keep holding it owing to its luxurious soft fur. We understand it’s too soft to let go, but you have to. Because it might make them cranky and bitey.
  • Refrain from giving plastic exercise balls to your chinchillas. They are prone to get stuck inside it and this might lead to the heating up of their body that can lead to their death.
  • While giving treats remember chinchillas are not good at processing sugar. So whatever treatment you give ensures it is sugar-free, low in calcium, and given in small quantities. 

Final Words

Now that we have understood the dos and don’ts regarding chinchilla moods, we hope you are a little bit more confident about owning one, huh?

Well, just keep a few other things in mind if you already have a pet dog and are thinking of owning a chinchilla, that’s a no-no.

Not only dogs but if you have any predatory animal on the premises, you need to get rid of them or always keep them far apart from your chinchillas. The reason is that chinchillas are easily scared and stressed. 

So the presence of any probable danger can make them so stressed that it can even lead to their death! Use this as a precautionary note before buying chinchillas. 

Hope this article helped understand the ways to keep your pet chinchilla happy.