Do Chinchillas Need Bedding in their Cages?

Chinchillas are a popular pet choice due to their playful personalities and adorable appearance. If you’re considering bringing one of these furry friends into your home, it’s important that you make sure they have the best environment possible in which to live.

One question many potential chinchilla owners ask is whether or not they need bedding in their cages. The answer is yes — but there are some things you should know before deciding on what type of bedding to provide for your new pet.

Why Do Chinchillas Need Proper Bedding?

do chinchillas need bedding in their cages

Chinchillas are comparatively smaller mammalian creatures who would definitely like a good snuggle where they can peacefully complete their beauty sleep or just laze around passing the day. 

In the wild chinchillas often make their nests with all-natural stuff lying around- be it hay, dry grass, and all other natural kinds of stuff. And thus it would seem that the chinchillas might not need that oh-so-important bedding.

But if your chinchillas are caged then there are a few reasons to consider that might be in need of proper bedding.

  • If your chinchilla cage does not have proper bedding there are chances that your pet chinchilla’s piss and poop might get stuck in the cage floors. That becomes very hard to get rid of. And you know chinchillas should not be exposed to such unhygienic conditions for long.
  • The accumulation of chinchillas excreta inside the cage can also lead to a bad odor which can make the atmosphere inside as well as the outside very bad.
  • Another reason for chinchillas having good bedding in their cage is to protect their feet. You see if chinchillas keep standing on solid ground for a long time then they are likely to suffer from what is called bumblefoot. This bumblefoot is a swelling of the foot soles of the chinchillas and over time can get extremely painful for your pets.

Proper Bedding For Your Chinchillas 

Chinchilla in cage

In the following section of the article, we have tried to list out some common Bedding that can be useful for the utmost comfort of your chinchillas. 

The Most Popular Bedding

The most popularly used Bedding for chinchillas cages is fleece. So fleece is a soft fluffy synthetic fabric that is usually known for its impeccable feature of rapid evaporation and blocking humidity. This is a material used in most chinchillas’ bedding.

The fleece fabric unusually comes in various colors and is in general very pretty to look at. They are no doubt a great addition to the ambiance of your chinchilla cage.

You can also customize the use of fleece by using a sort of piece of moving blanket on the fleece. If you have a sewing machine in your house you can do it yourself by sewing the blanket in the middle of the fleece or you can give it to a store.

Perk: You can just use a hard brush to clean the excreta and wash it in some detergent and reuse the fleece.

Other Methods of Proper Bedding For Chinchillas Cages

Wooden Shavings

Since in the wild chinchillas preferred natural materials for bedding, you can Tru that out for caged ones too.

You could try out pine shavings as bedding material for your chinchilla cages. But the problem with this is that you would need a special type of pine shavings. Often this special is made by treating pine shavings with some chemical products. And as we understand none of us to want to keep such chemicals with our pets.

So as opposed to pine shavings, aspen shavings are one alternative that can be comfortable yet harmless to your pet chinchillas. 

Note: These options are not really effective enough, because as you know chinchillas are very active creatures. They are always running and playing around and in that rush, the shavings are all prone to be kicked out of the cage altogether. So until and unless you figure out a way to stop that from happening, these bedding options are not going to be all okay.

Tile Bedding

Another option for chinchillas to bed in would be tile bedding. Yes, you can use tiles for chinchilla beds. Ceramic or porcelain of any type can be used.

Note: Many times if your chinchilla’s cage does not have any litter box and they end with dirty ingredients on the tile, then it becomes a little difficult to get rid of the stickiness. In that case, you need to clean the tile with vinegar and water to keep it odorless. So that is an extra hassle you have gone through if you have tile bedding.

What Beddings Should Not be Used Chinchillas 

  • While many people do prefer hay bedding for chinchillas, it becomes a bit non-effective because chinchillas might end up chewing on them or might outright eat them.
  • Also, paper bedding is used for chinchillas. Though they can be used, it too becomes no effective in the long run. Since paper is prone to tears. Plus you should not use newspapers because the ink in the newspaper might be very harmful to chinchillas prone to chewing.

Final Words

So you see, many a time it might be tempting to let your chinchilla go along with easy beddings like stacks of hay and newspapers. But as you saw, they are not that effective. To ensure top-notch comfort for your chinchillas give them the best you can: namely put some effort into making their bedding.

We hope this article was able to answer some of your questions related to chinchilla beddings and we hope we have been able to leave you with some helpful tips.