Do Chinchillas Need a Friend or Do They Prefer Staying Alone?

Chinchillas are small, furry rodents that make delightful pets. They are very social and intelligent animals who love to play and interact with their owners.

But do chinchillas need a friend or companion? Can they be happy living alone in their cages?

The answer is yes – but there are some important considerations for pet chinchilla owners to keep in mind when deciding whether or not to get a second chinchilla as a companion for their pet.

The Ideal Chinchillas Friend and Companion 

Do chinchillas need a friend
chinchilla friend

Chinchillas are pretty sociable creatures who find pleasure and energy in playing about. Now although a single chinchilla might be enough to keep itself entertained if provided with the proper equipment, sometimes it really becomes necessary that they are not so alone. Well, this can be done in 2 ways:

  • One is you can have another chinchilla to give company to your chinchilla. Or while buying only you can buy two chinchillas together.

Note: Obviously two chinchillas would require double the effort on your part to be properly taken care of.

  • Another is you have to invest your own time in giving company to your chinchilla.

Why Do Chinchillas Need a Friend or Companion?

  • The most obvious answer to this question would be that chinchillas are not solitary creatures. They are sociable and love to play around. And sometimes they require someone to play with.
  • A chinchilla Companion might be necessary for your chinchillas if you remain busy all day and are unable to spend much time with it.
  • Sometimes single chinchillas due to lack of sociability and company from even the owners have been reported to have lost their playful streak. And as we know chinchillas are as healthy as they are happy. If your chinchilla is sad due to loneliness that becomes an issue because it might lead to stress. And stress in chinchillas is very dangerous.

So to prevent all this doom and gloom, somewhere down the line it becomes essential to give your chinchillas company which can be either you or another chinchilla.

How to Choose a Friend or Companion for my Chinchilla?

Now as we said it can be either you or another chinchilla that can provide company to your chinchilla. 

So, what to look for in a chinchilla Companion?

  • Well, before getting your chinchilla a chin Companion, you must understand and read into the demeanor of your pet. Is your chinchilla even open to Companionship from another chinchilla? Now, if your chinchilla appears to be very territorial, then it can cause problems if you introduce some new creature into the environment that your chin considers its own. In that case, you might have to look for a meek non-assertive chinchilla which is a bit difficult.
  • If you have a male chinchilla and you get him male company, that again you should keep an eye out. Because often chinchillas, especially the males, have been known to fight to assert dominance over one another.
  • You can also keep a female chinchilla so that frequent dominance wars do not occur.
  • Even keeping a female chinchilla with a male can be a problem as it poses the risk of breeding. Now if you can deal with baby chinchillas then it’s fine or else it becomes a bit tricky.

How Do I Keep My Chinchilla Company?

Well, being a pet chinchilla owner the most basic thing you need to remember is that you are responsible for that creature’s happiness. And being stressed-free is very important for chinchillas

  • Firstly, you can create a playpen for your chinchillas where you can let them out of the cage for playing and running about. You can also engage with them with small toys. This will keep them entertained. 
  • Another thing is if you know and understand that your chinchilla might be open to touching you can also try petting it for some time.
  • You can in general only spare around 30 mins of your precious time with your precious chinchilla giving it little treats and cooing etc. Also, try talking to them and let them become used to your presence and sound, so that they do not feel lonely anymore.

Things To Keep On Mind While Giving chinchillas Companion 

  • Never try to put any other animal as a Companion into the chinchilla’s cage, not even any other rodents.
  • If your chinchilla is not used to your touch then try to not bother it much. Just talk to it from the outside and try to make it used to yo

Final Words

So, you see it is not about chinchillas requiring friends. What is important is that they do not feel lonely. That means as long as you keep them happy and sated in any way, they will be fine. And with respect to friends or companions, you can opt for whatever seems to suit them.

Hope this article was helpful enough!