Do Chinchillas Need to Be in Pairs

If you are considering adopting a chinchilla, then the most important question you might want to know is whether chinchillas have to live in pairs. This is the most common question people think about when buying an animal, and most people advise without knowing.

If you have no information about those animals or have never had those animals, you need to take guidance from a credible source and do what is best for your animal and yourself. Let’s learn about them together. 

Can Chinchillas Live Together?

Yes, chinchillas can live together, and it makes them happy. If you are thinking of bonding your chinchilla with another chinchilla, it would be preferable that they have the same gender unless you want them to breed. If the bonding is done correctly, the relationship can be long-lasting. 

Like every other animal, try to bond them slowly, not all at once. This will give the chinchillas time to adapt to the new environment. Introducing them together should be slow and not a rust process. It might take time for both the change last to get settled together in a new cage and new environment and have a new partner.

Can Chinchillas Live Alone? 

Yes, chinchillas can live alone, but you must consider giving them companionship by interacting with them daily, just like you do with your other pets. You have to give them their space and time to come to you because they might resist being held.

They can come to you for petting, or if you have a small treat in your hand, they will approach you, and you can interact with them til around your chinchilla so they do not fear you. If you introduce your chancellors to humans at an early age, they will not wear you and will always enjoy your company.

Do Chinchillas Do Better in Pairs?

Do Chinchillas Need to Be in Pairs

It largely depends on the particular chinchillas. Their background and the social skills they have honed since birth will determine this. Much of this is strongly influenced by the breeder from whom you purchased your chinchillas.

Although chinchillas are intelligent creatures who can adjust rapidly, coupling them with other chinchillas is not always a good idea. According to numerous reports, matching chinchillas from pet retailers is far more challenging. This is probably a result of the extensive socialization they have already had since they were young chinchillas.

How to Introduce Two Chinchillas Who Are To Be Paired

The pairing of chinchillas is tricky. If you put them together straight away, they are bound to fight, but you might have seen that most of them are gentle while living in pairs, so how does that happen?

We have two ways to introduce them. The first method is the split cage method, and the second one is called smooshing. 

In the split cage method, you must keep your Chinchillas side by side in separate cages. Quarantine them separately but together for some time. This method helps introduce chinchillas to their smell and the presence of each other. Having different cages or a boundary between them means they cannot fight. 

Over time they will bond over the smell and start to scrabble their cage at each other. When a chinchilla starts to scrabble, you will know they are comfortable with each other.

Smooshing works by introducing two chinchillas in a small cage that is big enough for them to sit and stand but not big enough to fight. This method works because they are more stressed about the new environment than having a new chinchilla with them together. 

The new environment works as a distraction. It is controversial, so I recommend you stick to the split cage method. 

Quick Q&A about chinchillas in Pairs

Can two male chinchillas stay together?

Yes, two male chinchillas can stay together. However, it doesn’t matter whether the gender of a chinchilla is male or female. You have to introduce your male chinchillas using the split cage method. 

Otherwise, they will be strangers and will not get along. Having two same-sex chinchillas together is better than having two different-sex chinchillas in the same cage.

Can two female chinchillas stay together?

Yes, just like the male chinchillas, the female chinchilla can be kept together in the same cage. It is always better to keep same-sex chinchillas together rather than having two different six chinchillas in the same cage. If done correctly with care and patience, introducing chinchillas to a new partner is possible.

Can I put one male and one female chinchilla together?

Yes, you can put two different-sex chinchillas together. When doing so, you must ensure that both male and female chinchillas have been neutered or fixed.

Having two separate sex, chinchillas can reproduce, so if you don’t intend to have a baby chinchilla, it is suggested to get a neutral if you are going to keep them in the same cage.

How many Chinchillas can I put together?

You can keep as many as three chinchillas or more in the same gauge, but you have to keep an eye on them and monitor them to see how they are getting along. Chinchillas live in large groups in the wild, so it should not be a problem. You only have to consider if you can take care of having many chinchillas in the same cage and monitor them regularly.

How Big Does the Cage Need to be for Chinchillas in Pair?

Chinchillas are large and very active, so they need plenty of space to do their activity or run around. The minimum cage requirement of a cage size is 90 cm * 60 cm*20 cm. Like other rodents, chinchillas love to chew, so wire mesh-free cages are preferred.

Final Words

Chinchillas can make excellent home pets if they are kept with care. You can have as many chinchillas as you want or even a single chinchilla. If you are new to having a chinchilla, then don’t worry.

You’ll get used to having a cute little companion around the house. I hope this guide helped you on how to go about keeping chinchillas at your home. If you follow the steps mentioned above, there should not be a problem.