Can Chinchillas Eat Celery? A Scientific Answer to the Question

Involving vegetables in chinchilla’s meal plan can be one of the best ways to enrich their diet. Pet owners usually resort to this option because leafy greens are known to be good sources of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals, which are also needed by your pet to grow active and healthy. So, can chinchillas eat celery?

With a large variety of vegetables available, not every one of them needs to be included in your pet’s diet. Some can trigger certain health issues that may even be fatal and this is the main reason why you should leave them out of the options.

There is a long list of unsafe foods for chinchillas, and this may be surprising, but celery is a part of it. Celery shouldn’t constitute a large portion of your pet’s regular meal but it can be given as occasional treats. We did a little research and provided you with a few important points to make sure you don’t harm your pets.

Nutritional value of 1 cup (101g) of chopped celery

Total Fat0.2g
Total Carbohydrates3g
Dietary Fiber1.6g
Total Sugars1.3g
Vitamin D0mcg
Vitamin A453IU
Vitamin C3.1mg
Vitamin E0.3mg
Vitamin K29.3mcg

Why Is Celery Unsafe for Chinchillas?

Since chinchillas love the crunchy taste of celery, most owners would assume that this vegetable is appropriate for them. It may contain an impressive dose of micronutrients, vitamins A, K, and C, as well as potassium and folate minerals, but certain amounts of its contents can be toxic for your pets.

Celery is high in water content, which may result in digestive problems. The amount of water the vegetable contains is beyond what is necessary. With this, it will most likely cause diarrhea. You should also be mindful that chinchillas hardly need any water in their diets.

Moreover, celery is rich in sugar and fiber that your chinchilla may find hard to digest. Intake of such nutrients results in fermentation and gas. More gas accumulated in your pet’s stomach can consequently be fatal. 

In addition, it also comes with relatively low-fat content and much lower protein, which generally does not meet the nutritional needs of your chinchilla. Feeding your pet a diet largely composed of celery would therefore be bad for their overall health.

Celery as Treats

Although celery is highly discouraged to be a part of your chinchilla’s regular meal, this doesn’t mean it’s poisonous. If you still want to give them treats, make sure that you only give them the right amount and follow a strict schedule.

Firstly, if you want to offer celery as treat, do it once a week at the very most. Infrequent feeding of this may not be critically dangerous, but it is recommended to closely monitor your pet when doing so. 

Also, control the size of the celery that you give them. Something as small as the size of your pinky fingernail or less than a tablespoon at maximum would be okay. 


Above all, our pet’s safety and health matter. Ensure that celery is eliminated from your pet’s meal options or at least minimize the use of it as chinchillas can not eat celery or at least they should not! 

Remember that there are other vegetables you can resort to that can fulfill the dietary needs of your chinchilla. So technically, you’re not running out of good options. Your pet’s health is your wealth, so only stick to the choices that guarantee the best for your little furry friends.