Can Chinchillas Eat Bananas? Essential Chinchilla Diet Guide

As pet owners of chinchillas, we are aware that they have dietary needs to keep chinchillas happy and healthy. Apart from hay and pellets, other safe and beneficial food choices can be included in their meals and treats. But, can chinchillas eat bananas?

Bananas, as widely known fruits across the world and usually available in most households, are somehow considered by some owners to be incorporated into their chinchillas’ diet. Moreover, they can be a tasty option for your pets, readily available, and very easy to prepare.

Although eating bananas has been a part of some chinchillas’ habits, pet owners should be more conscious of what food options to provide to their chinchillas because such decisions can make or break their diet and overall health condition. 

Can Chinchillas Eat Bananas?

Certainly, it is recommended to include particular types of vegetables and fruits in your pet’s diet to maximize their variety of food choices and to supply them with the nutrients that they need to grow healthy and active. However, it is said that bananas contain high sugar content and have an unbalanced calcium and phosphorus ratio that makes them unhealthy for your pet chinchillas. Although they can be offered in small portions and on very rare occasions, it is advised to just leave them out of your pet’s diet plan.

Do Chinchillas Love Bananas?

The sweet taste that bananas give off is the reason why chinchillas love them. A bite of it surely delivers them an ounce of joy. Regardless of this fact, a piece of banana can be taken out as a choice for their food treats. Pet owners should be more responsible and keep in mind that a plain but good diet plan is what truly matters.

can chinchillas eat bananas

Health Concerns

Chinchillas generally have a basic diet that contains a very minimal amount of moisture and other nutrients such as sugar. This is because excessive intake of food that contains high amounts of sugar can lead to certain digestive problems that might impact your pet’s overall health.

Based on research, a banana contains 12.23g of sugar per 100g which only says that this fruit has high sugar content. This only proves that feeding your chinchillas some bananas may not be the best idea out there.

As also mentioned above, bananas have a poor calcium-to-phosphorus ratio. Facts say that per 100g of banana, calcium comprises around 5mg of it while phosphorus takes around 22mg. This only gets to show that bananas may not be able to provide the proportional calcium to phosphorus ratio that is needed by your pets. Additionally, a diet that consistently has an unbalanced calcium-to-phosphorus ratio may steer to certain muscular and bone-related issues.

Although bananas can provide them with other vitamins and minerals needed by their body, always consider that such nutrients can be taken from other healthier sources that are generally suitable for your pet.

How Often Should Chinchillas Eat Bananas?

Even though it has been proven a few times that bananas can be safe but not healthy for chinchillas, they can still be a convenient option for pet owners. 

After citing a few helpful facts, if you do, nonetheless, still want to offer some bananas as a treat to your chinchilla, make sure to have it only not more than once a week and not more than 1 teaspoon. Tightly monitoring the portion sizes you give them for giving them less is always a better idea since excessive feeding might leave them overweight, and sick. 


In the wild, chinchillas don’t eat fruits like bananas. So, if you’re feeling a little guilty for taking bananas out of your pet’s diet plan, there is no reason to be. Your pet is not missing any nutrients from not being fed bananas. 

We are against feeding your chinchillas bananas, and we encourage you to closely monitor the treats you offer your pet. If we want our chinchillas to stay active and healthy, always resort to safer and healthier food options.