Can Chinchillas Climb Trees? Uncovering The Myth Behind This Furry Pet

As a chinchilla owner, I am constantly learning new things about these fascinating animals. One question that often comes up is whether or not chinchillas are good climbers. After all, these creatures are known for their agility and ability to jump incredible heights. 

But can they actually climb trees?

I will share my own experience as a chinchilla owner in this article and explore their natural habitat to find out if they possess climbing skills. Find out more about chinchillas, whether you’re a chinchilla fan or just curious about them!

Can Chinchillas Climb Trees?

It’s a common misconception that chinchillas can’t climb trees. Despite the fact that they are not naturally inclined to do so, In my opinion, they can readily learn to climb with a little encouragement and training.

The biggest obstacle to climbing chinchillas is their lack of claws. The fact that they have two toes on each front paw and three toes on each back paw generally mean that they cannot grip things very well.

You might start by putting some soft items in the area where you want to help your chinchilla learn to climb, like towels or blankets. You can also put some food or treats on top of these objects to entice them up.

Once they get used to climbing the soft objects, you can gradually introduce harder surfaces like wooden branches. Just be sure that the branches are sturdy and won’t break under your chinchilla’s weight.

With a little patience and practice, your chinchilla will be climbing trees in no time!

Adaptations of Chinchillas That Help Them Survive in the Wild

The South American highlands are home to little rodents called chinchillas. Their thick fur coats keep them warm in the cold mountain air and their large ears help them hear predators approaching. Believe me, they are also good climbers and can leap up to six feet in the air.

Chinchillas in the wild have a variety of adaptations that aid in their survival, however, these same adaptations can make them challenging pets for individuals who are unprepared for their requirements.

Chinchillas are incredibly energetic animals that require a lot of space to run and climb. Keeping their digestive system healthy requires a diet rich in fiber. My advice is to make sure you can provide all the care a chinchilla requires if you’re considering getting one as a pet by doing your study first.

Alternatives to Climbing Trees for Chinchillas

If you’re wondering how to keep your pet chinchilla entertained, here are some alternative activities to tree-climbing:

1) Building a burrow

Chinchillas love to dig and build tunnels. Creating a small burrow in their enclosure will give them something to do and help them feel safe.

2) Hiding toys

Chinchillas are playful creatures and love to play with toys. Try hiding their favorite toy in their enclosure so they can “hunt” for it.

3) Playing catch

Many chinchillas enjoy playing catch with their owner. Using a small ball or other lightweight objects, gently toss it back and forth with your chinchilla. They’ll love chasing after the ball!

4) Going for a walk

If you have a large enough enclosure, you can take your chinchilla for a walk around the house on a harness and leash. Just be sure to supervise them closely so they don’t escape.


Chinchillas are unique and fascinating pets that can make a wonderful addition to any family. It is my hope that this article has clarified the myth that chinchillas cannot climb trees and given you an insight into their natural behaviors. 

Taking good care of chinchillas begins with learning more about them if you plan on purchasing one for your home.