Why Do Chinchillas Bark? Must Know Facts!

Being a pet lover, have you ever thought that you would find barking associated with chinchillas? Or squirrels? Well, you see both can be possible.

While in creatures like squirrels we might often hear short barks, in chinchillas too one might expect such sounds.

Though in both cases there are reasons for these sounds and they are a part of their behavior. The barks should be equally monitored like other behaviors in order to understand your chinchilla. 

In this article, we have discussed chinchillas’ barks, when they occur and what they mean. To understand better, read ahead.

Do Chinchillas actually Bark?

chinchillas bark
chinchilla playing on the sand with white background

Yes, Chinchillas can and they do bark. You might wonder how these seemingly cute things can bark.

Well, let me tell you that barking Chinchillas are not that uncommon. Now, what exactly is barking in Chinchillas?

Honestly, the barks of Chinchillas will of course not be as prominent as dogs’ barks. Chinchilla barks are usually short cough-like sounds. When Chinchillas do bark they release these barking sounds in a rhythmic manner till the reason they are barking is removed.

When & Why Do Chinchillas Bark?

A Chinchilla can bark because of several reasons. The most usual barking noises are released:

  • Frightened: Chinchillas can give short continuous barks if they feel threatened. For instance, if it sees a dog or even a cat around its cage, it might start barking.
  • Discomfort: Another time a chinchilla might bark is if you try to touch it very often. Chinchillas are sociable creatures. But they are not very touchy Feely type, at least not frequently. So if you go near your chinchillas and try to pick them up but it starts barking, understands that it does not want to be bothered by you and presently does not care for your cuddly times. So you leave and give it some space.
  • Possessiveness: So sometimes what happens is if you bring in a new chinchilla and set it in the same cage as your old chinchilla, then this might trigger the territorial instincts of the chinchillas. Your old chinchillas might not immediately warm up to the new one and might let out barking sounds that usually signal that yes, hi, mistress I do not like the new entry.
  • Barks in Sleep: Sometimes chinchillas might also be heard barking in their sleep. This might be because they are frightened and this barking should not go on for long and should subside eventually.
  • Illness: Sometimes Chinchillas might bark trying to signal that they might not be feeling well.

Is Barking Of Chinchillas Concerning?

Well, as you know the probable reasons for barking Chinchillas, in general, it can be said that barking is pretty common. 

But if the barking continues for long periods then you should figure out the cause of such a thing. You can try to soothe it by perhaps letting it out for some time or offering it food. 

But if the barking persists, you should definitely think of consulting a veterinarian.

Chinchilla Doesn’t Bark Anymore?

Well, that is not a cause for concern. You might not hear your chinchilla bark for quite some time now. You fear something is wrong.

But don’t worry. No barks usually mean that your chinchilla has not been upset enough to bark. So it is a good sign. No need to worry about that!

Final Words

You see Chinchilla’s barks are not something to be worried about. Yes, the reasons these barks occur can be demanding but it isn’t that big of an issue.

All the barking serves to get the pet owner’s attention. The bark is a call that the chinchillas emit while trying to show some kind of distress. So it’s common and most of the time it is solvable without much hassle.

We hope this article was helpful.