Chinchilla Tail: Can Their Tails Fall Off? Must Know Facts

Did you get a chinchilla as a new pet? Are you wondering about threats to it? Are you trying to figure out their sensitive body parts? Especially chinchilla’s tails?

This article is all about chinchillas’ tails, how and why theyare sensitive, what dangers they are prone to, and some tips to safely handle them. 

All About Chinchillas Tails!

chinchilla tail

Known as one of the softest creatures around, Chinchillas are furry cuties who have luxurious tails. Like squirrels, chinchillas have thick furry tails. Their tails are not that sturdy though. They are packed with muscles and covered in thick fur.

Now should you hold your chinchilla by their tails?

Well, ideally, no. I mean, just think about it. Compared to the weight of their body to that of the tail, of course, their body is heavier. Do you think, is it really safe to be giving that entire burden on the tailbone alone? Would it not break?

Well, that is what this article will talk about. What activities might threaten the tails of your chinchillas? 

Do Chinchillas Tails Fall Off?

Can tail of a chinchilla fall off

Chinchillas do not shed their tails if you are wondering about that. That means their tails won’t fall just out of the blue. Yes, those parts of their bodies are vulnerable, prone to breaking and straining, but not dropping off altogether.

One damage that is common to the chinchilla tail is the problem of fur slip. This is an unnatural shedding of their tail fur making the tail appear thin and as if might fall off any moment!

Be rest assured it has got more to do with the fur and not the tail itself. 

How Sensitive Are Chinchillas Tails?

The simple answer is very. Chinchillas’ tails are very sensitive. 

Coming back to our earlier question of if you should hold your chinchilla by its tail, we understood that we should not because of prospective breaking of the bone or straining the ligament that joins the chinchillas back to the tailbone. This straining of the muscle can be painful for your chinchillas and takes longer to heal.

Now you might wonder, is there any proper way to hold a chinchilla by its tail?

Proper Way Of Holding Chinchillas By Tails?

how to hold chinchilla proper way

 Well, generally chinchillas are held under their middle and carried from one place to another if required. 

  • But if you absolutely have to hold it by its tail, we suggest holding it at the base of the tail where the rear end of the body meets the tail. 
  • The base is always sturdier than the rest of the portion
  • Ensure that you hold the base by encircling the area with your thumb and forefinger. 
  • Along with this place a hand under their legs also, so that there is not much pressure on the tail.

Fur Slips

But you must remember chinchillas fur slips are very common. Especially around the tail area. Now what happens is often you are too careless to clean your hands before holding your chinchilla.

  • Now if you keep on handling those cuties by their tails, chances are the fur on the tail will often come in direct contact with dirt, grit, and grease. This is dangerous and might result in fur slips. 

Still want to handle chinchillas by their tails?


Another time when there is a chance that chinchillas’ tails might break, is during the playful fights chinchillas get among themselves. Often in these fights chinchillas can come out with a portion of their tail bitten off or worse. But with time it grows back too.

Final Words

Like many other creatures chinchillas, tails do not drop off just like that. There are reasons that lead to such drastic accidents. And in most cases (if it is not amputation) this temporary damage is healable.

But that does not mean you pay less attention to their tails. Remember those tails help them in many ways and if something happens to them chinchillas’ usual happy-go-lucky self is affected. That means you should not ever hurt them by picking chinchillas up by their tails. 

Hope this article was helpful in answering some of your questions!