How Fast Can Chinchillas Run? Must Known Facts about Chinchillas!

Are you one of those owners who like to keep their pets locked up forever? No? Thought so! But owning a chinchilla do you wonder about how it runs? How fast can chinchillas run? And what are the must known facts that shoould be aware of?

Well, these are all common curiosities that we have tried to satisfy in this article. So here’s to all about chinchillas running!

How Do Chinchillas Run?

how fast can chinchillas run

Chinchillas have short forelimbs and longer, muscular hind limbs. In this manner they resemble rabbits. And just like rabbits, Chinchillas too are aided by this type of bone structure in the legs for running as fast as they do.

These legs also help chinchillas in jumping which in many situations might turn into galloping. Again in this respect, they resemble the kangaroos who are known to gallop longer distances.

Also, chinchillas are very nimble and comparatively light creatures. So it is not difficult for them to run long distances at great speeds.

Average Speed Of Running Chinchillas 

It has been recorded that a chinchilla can run up to 15mph. This speed is lesser compared to the fastest speed of rabbits which is around 25mph.

The chinchillas can run well enough with obstacles in their way. In fact, chinchillas seem to love jumping over stuff and from ledges.

Because the chinchillas can run at such speeds they might often need to rest. Also running chinchillas increases their appetite. Thus this calls for ample sustainability for them which you being a chinchilla owner should be aware of.

To make and keep your chinchilla healthy and agile, always running around, you need to feed them good food.

Factors Affecting The Running Speed Of Chinchillas 

The speed of chinchillas may vary with different factors. For instance, if you say your chinchilla is quite heavy, then of course its running speed will be lesser than the lighter chinchilla. 

So remember do not feed your chinchilla many carbohydrates. But also maintain the level of the carbs so as to ensure it does not end up being malnourished.

The age of the chinchilla is also a factor that affects the speed of the chinchilla running. With old age, the chinchilla bones lose their ability and numbness and this might lead to a drastic decrease in their running speed.

Habitat If chinchillas also play an important role in dictating the speed of chinchilla runs. For example, if your chinchilla is used to wild surroundings then of course its running speed will be the most. Whereas your captivity-bred chinchilla might end up not having such speeds.

Why Do Chinchillas Run?

Well, it is said that a chinchilla that runs and jumps around us is a happy chinchilla. 

So, the first reason you might see a chinchilla running around would be just for fun. They are happy and they express their happiness like that.

Another thing that can make a chinchilla run would be danger of course. In the wild chinchillas can often be seen around. One reason is it is their nature but another reason is because of the vulnerable demeanor they need to escape all kinds of predators.

Also, it is not just like that it is said that running chinchillas are happy Chinchillas. Because running keeps chinchillas healthy by maintaining bone structure and agility and flexibility. If your chinchilla stops running altogether it might lead to different problems.

Does My Pet Chinchilla Need a Running Area?

Well, it would do your pet chinchilla great good if you could secure an area for it to only run around. Of course, its speed would not be that much but just as a space where the chinchillas would stretch their limbs, exercise And running would be good.

You could also ensure this by having a roomy cage with lots of ledges. This will keep the chinchillas engaged in jumping and galloping within the boundary.

If you cannot manage a roomy cage and are unable to secure an area for your pet to run around then you can get it out for a run in your garden.

If even that option seems inviable then you can rearrange some stuff in your living room and create some space for your chinchilla to run. But with this ensure to remove any dangerous objects lying around!

Final Words 

Well, there you go! Now you know how running fair with these cuties!

We hope that with this article we could successfully satisfy all your queries related to chinchillas running. And now you wont have to thin twice before going for a little ‘walking session’ with yoou furry companions!

But remember while providing the pen for your chinchillas run ensure it is secure enough and yes always encourage it to run!