Chinchillas Jumping: How High Can They Jump, and Why?

Are you concerned about the random leaps your chinchilla engages in? Do you fear it might hurt itself? Do you wonder how high can chinchillas jump?

Well, we are here with an article to satisfy all your curiosities regarding jumping chinchillas. We will discuss the history of chinchilla jumps as well as how and how high they can make the leaps.

To understand better, read till the end!

Why Do Chinchillas Jump?

  • Chinchillas are native creatures who were originally found in the steep Andes Mountains in South America.  That means the first-ever Chinchilla had to best the sharp ridges and bends of those high mountains. It was from then that the chinchillas that we know today have evolved. 
  • Our Chinchillas, most of them bred domestically, even have an instinct to always Jump around. Only normal walking does not suit them, they have to leap and jump. A Jumping Chinchilla is a Happy Chinchilla
  • Also jumping is the activity that keeps the chinchillas active and agile. This is again an advantage for chinchillas in the wild because they require agility to escape predators.

How Do Chinchillas Jump?

  • The Chinchillas have their hind legs designed to be longer like those of kangaroos. These longer limbs serve as a spring that propels them forward and helps in higher jumps.
  • Chinchillas also have bigger feet and toes. This gives them a base on them to land after making those big leaps.
  •  The forelimbs are also designed to add extra care to their jumping businesses!

Many people refer to jumping chinchillas as “popcorning“, since their propulsion from the ground resembles that of frying popcorn.

Domestic chinchillas often engage in an activity called wall surfing. So what is that? 

  • Wall surfing is the process by which chinchillas jump on walls and keep climbing them to reach the top. 
  • In the first Jump, the landing surface on the wall serves as a launchpad for subsequent jumps.
how high can chinchillas jump

How High Can Chinchillas Jump?

On average Chinchillas can Jump at a height of 6 feet. But of course, this distance is dependent on several factors.


  • For instance, older chinchillas cannot Jump as high and as frequently as young chinchillas
  • This is the reason why the wild chinchillas’ population is deteriorating. 
  • Because as chinchillas grow old their old bones do not permit them such jumps and thus they are unable to escape the predatory paws of bigger animals!


  • Also, the weight of the chinchilla’s body is a factor that affects the height of the chinchilla’s jumps. 
  • An overweight chinchilla of course cannot Jump as high as a healthy one with muscles and sturdy bone structure. 
  • Again underweight chinchillas will just not have enough stamina or energy to constantly make such high jumps. 

Should Chinchilla Jump Worry You?

Well, most times chinchillas do know what they are doing and they are aware of their capabilities. Still, if the pet owner, is, you are a little careful, you can completely ensure your chinchilla’s safety by understanding its behavior.

How to do it? 

  • The biggest danger to chinchillas is that while jumping inside houses they might hurt themselves on stuff. 
  • You can clear out a separate area for the chinchillas to jump around. 
  • And you should also clear out any mess on the floor so that the chinchillas do not end up landing on something that could hurt them!

Final Words

Chinchillas can usually take care of themselves even with risky jumps. It’s in their nature. But to avoid much fuss try to keep an eye out for their safety.

Remember chinchilla jumps are natural and they are high jumpers. So you Don’t need to be concerned very much.

Hope this article was to your satisfaction and could answer some of your questions!