Best Chinchilla Cages in 2022: With Pros & Cons

As humans, we have a wide variety of needs to be able to live a happy, healthy and comfortable life. These can be in the forms of a good diet, a healthy lifestyle, clothing according to our interests, a decent job to sustain our wants, and as well as a safe household. I can come up with several diverse lists but those would solely depend on one’s preference. So how cages can affect the life of your chinchillas and what are some of the best chinchilla cages?

So just like us, our pets also have some need to be able to live a life free from health issues, and other worries. As pet owners, it is our responsibility to cater to such needs and provide them with a very dreamy life. 

Besides a good and well-researched meal plan for regular feeding and occasional treats for your pet chinchillas, their cages matter too. Cages would serve as their homes, and selecting the most suitable cage is by far one of the most vital choices you can make for your chinchilla.

With the increasing number of households wanting to own a chinchilla, numerous kinds of cages have also been sighted in the market. This can be a little confusing for pet owners, especially for new ones. In this article, we will help you learn about the needs of your pet and provide you with facts about the best chinchilla cages in 2021, so you can pick the most suitable one for your pet.

A guide to Choose the Best Chinchilla Cages

Before purchasing a home for your pet chinchilla, there are a few important considerations that you have to keep in mind. Skim through the list below and find out the essential deciding factors.


  • It is crucial to get a chew-proof cage for your chinchilla for the reason that they like to chew on anything that they can. An all-metal cage would be the best option for this, and even though bottoms and platforms can be made of plastic, ensure that the wires and bars are made of metal. This is to protect your pet from chewing on something that they may dangerously swallow, and as well as to keep your cage from being damaged by your pet’s rooted teeth.


  • The comfort level of a cage can be defined by its design. A multilevel chinchilla cage is recommended, so pick a cage that is completely equipped with platforms, levels, perches, and ramps. This would give them more room to play around and exercise. Moreover, it should also have firm flooring that can be made of PVC-covered metal or heavy-duty plastic, to hold paper or wood shaving bedding. Ensure that ramps and shelves are adjustable. In addition to the ramps that are capable of being adjusted easily, make sure that its surface is also textured which provides enough traction that would not make your pets easily slip. Furthermore, consider a good bar spacing that your pet can’t squeeze through and not be able to escape.


  • You do not need to pick the biggest cage in the market to guarantee comfortability, instead, choose a cage that has sufficient space for your chinchilla to do all its necessary activities. It should be tall enough to cater to the perches and ramps for all their climbing and jumping habits. Furthermore, it should also contain enough space to accommodate your pet’s accessories such as a dust bath for this can be critical to your pet’s fur and overall health. Heat also impacts chinchillas so it’s necessary to provide them with a cool space with enough holes to allow a good source of fresh air to come in and provide proper ventilation to your pet.

Alongside the three major factors that should influence your choice of the most suitable chinchilla cage, it matters to consider the following too.

  • The chinchilla cage should be portable. The need to move it around your home may arise anytime so it’s important to get a cage that has wheels so you can push it from one spot to another. Furthermore, get a cage that can be easily dismantled and assembled.
  • The ease of cleaning the cage should also be taken into consideration. You may opt for a cage that has a deep tray or pan for sanitary purposes.
  • It’s good to pick a cage that is already equipped with a stand or storage shelf for the accessories, however, if this feature is unavailable, resort to a cage that has adequate space for vital accessories of your pet instead.

Always remember that giving them a quality cage would surely be a good influence to secure your chinchilla a happy and healthy life. 

5 Best Chinchilla Cages in 2022

Chinchilla Cages

YAHEETECH Collapsible 3-Tier Metal Wire Cage

This cage is sturdily constructed of heavy-duty metal that assures durability and long use as a home for your pet chinchillas. Designed with multiple doors, this is surely convenient for your pet to go in and out, and as well as for owners to decorate and clean the interior. A removable tray with swivel casters under the cage is also included for convenient movement. 

One of the most useful features of this cage is its collapsible function. This can be of great use when you feel like wanting to move places since it can be easily folded for storage and transport.

Additionally, this can be a great option for you especially when you have an active chinchilla. Vertical spaces, ladders, ramps, and spacious platforms can cater to huge movements and other physical activities. The inclusion of a fabric hammock and platform cover makes it look exciting and comfortable for your pet as well.

Other details are round corners on every panel ensuring a smooth surface for the protection of pets and owners. 

Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation

Created with quality, sturdy and safe materials, this cage is specifically designed with close-spaced bars of only half an inch space in between each bar, allowing our pets to playfully climb and move around without escaping the enclosure. This is probably the safest option for the smallest kinds.

One of its top features is the vast space it provides to your pet while being secured by chew-proof metal bars. Its size allows maximum movement for your pet which is suitable for running, climbing, and other activities that they enjoy.

In addition to the mentioned details, the Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation cage is also equipped with double doors and a built-in stand with a shelf inside the cage. This ensures safe storage for your pet’s accessories, easier cleaning, and as well as overall accessibility.

Ramps also enable your pets to enjoy their stay inside. Another feature that makes this cage premium is the inclusion of ramp covers. These covers create texture to stop them from slipping off and as well as to protect your chinchilla’s feet from being injured.


This cage assures fun for your pet with five levels of playing space that are best for your energetic chinchillas. A special function of this item is the small hideout that would surely encourage fun and playfulness for your little friends.

With half an inch of metal wire spacing all over, it’s also a good buy that frees your mind from worries that your pet may escape. It also comes with solid wood platforms and non-slip ladders that can keep your pet’s feet safe from being caught by wide gaps. 

Furthermore, it consists of two large doors for a more convenient way of feeding and cleaning your pet’s home, generally offering maximum accessibility. Such doors are also equipped with escape-proof locks that ensure the utmost safety for your pet.

A plastic tray that is promised to never leak and go moldy is also included in the cage. This feature serves best when the cage is placed indoors. 

More additional gifts that come with the cage are a chewing toy and a food bowl. These are great accessories to complete your pet’s home. 

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YAHEETECH Rolling 2-Story Ferret Cage

Built out of strong metals with a safe hammered paint finish, this cage peaks in terms of durability. Removable ramps and platforms also encourage owners to customize the living space that best fits their pet’s preference. Fabric covers are also added providing traction and no-slip passage between levels for extra feet protection.

A bonus feature of this cage for an added customizable function is its mid-level floor. This separates the cage into two halves which you may close off to create two different spaces or leave open for full cage access.

Safety is also prioritized with its two full-width swing doors which are safeguarded by locks. These openings are of great help for safe feeding and cleaning. Furthermore, with its half-inch horizontal wire spacing, it allows your pets to move, climb and play around in a safe and comfortable habitat.

For convenient maneuverability, the cage sits on a 4-wheel rolling stand. This allows you to move the cage from one spot to another with complete ease. It also comes with locking casters when you want it to let it stay in a specific spot. The shelf at the bottom also provides an added space for storage to keep the vital accessories of your pet handy and neat. 

YAHEETECH 37’’ Metal Chinchilla Cage

The most highlighted detail of this cage is its price. Very budget-friendly that is ideal for economically minded pet owners. And as it does not compromise any quality, it has made its presence on our best chinchilla cages list.

This medium-sized cage does not occupy too much space that is suitable for little homes. It allows ease of transport too with its universal wheels covered with ball-shaped casters that can roll in all directions conveniently. Surely, transferring this cage from one area to another wouldn’t be any of your concerns.

Equipped with two arched doors that are secured with latches, this would protect your chinchilla from escaping even if you don’t keep an eye on it. For the protection of pets and owners, it is surrounded by seams and rounded corners that would surely keep you away from any injury. 

Built with powder-coated metal square tubes and wires, this cage guarantees exceeding durability and strength. Additionally, bars are sturdy, secure, and chew-proof, becoming one of the safest options in the market. For convenient cleaning, a slide-out tray under the cage is also provided. This chinchilla cage also comes with a complimentary wall-mounted water bottle and a pet bowl. 


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With all the details mentioned, stick with the product that sits right with your standards. It’s not only about the sufficient space, creative design, and ultimate security combined, but it should be something that guarantees comfortability and convenience for pet chinchillas and pet owners.

At this point, I hope you have already figured out how important choosing the right cage is. We’ve already helped you narrow down the options and look into them one by one.

As pet owners, we want nothing but the best for our little furry friends. Giving our chinchillas the best life that they deserve is certainly the most ideal way of showing our love for them.