Can Chinchillas Eat Broccoli

Do you like broccoli? Maybe you do? But, can chinchillas eat broccoli? 

If you are like me, then you might very well wonder since I love this vegetable so much, why not try this for my chinchillas? I mean, he should miss such a nice treat, should he, now?

Well, just hold on, mate. It isn’t so easy. Before even thinking of trying broccoli on your chinchillas, we implore you to try and find out if they even are okay with it.

So before understanding what broccoli does to a chinchilla’s body, let’s look at the components of broccoli!


It would not be much far-fetched to assume that almost all chinchilla owners have once in their life thought about feeding broccoli to chinchillas! I mean, why wouldn’t they? After all, broccoli is a nutritious food rich in protein and packed with vitamins and minerals. Around 89% of broccoli is packed with water with only certain percentages containing other stuff.

Now, this kind of breakdown when looked at from a human perspective looks very good and is very healthy because our digestive system can take it.

But in the case of chinchillas not so much.

can chinchillas eat broccoli
Can Chinchillas Eat Broccoli

Chinchillas And Broccoli 

Chinchillas are small creatures. These creatures are native to the wild Andes mountains of South America. In evolution, their digestive system has grown to ingest roughage and dry food better than anything else. In fact, the fiber in chinchilla’s diet helps them digest other food materials too.

But broccoli is not that high in fiber content. Every 100g of broccoli can provide hardly 3% of Fiber whereas the Fiber requirement of chinchillas is around 25-30%.

There is another funny but concerning thing about broccoli. The water content. As we said, chinchillas are used to dry food matter. Consuming food that has such high water content might lead to harmful consequences for your chinchillas and disrupt their digestive system!

Is Broccoli A Poison To Chinchillas?

Can Chinchillas Eat Broccoli

See, chinchillas can eat broccoli. Be it cooked or uncooked they will eat it. But it is often advised not to do something for fear of chinchilla poisoning. As we understood how the digestive system of chinchillas just doesn’t go with broccoli, now let’s look at some of the harmful effects it can have.

Bloating: Bloating can get fatal for chinchillas very fast. This happens when the digestive system of chinchillas is unable to function properly due to a lack of Fiber. This might happen if you try to feed broccoli to chinchillas. Since it has other components than Fiber so the other components are difficult to digest leading to Gas and Bloating.

Some symptoms of Bloating in chinchillas include:

  • Swollen stomach 
  • No appetite
  • Difficulties breathing
  • Rolling around
  • Lethargy

Diarrhea: These chinchillas are small creatures and so their bodies usually do not know what to do with excess water. And this excess water might often get flushed out of their system along with undigested food also. This might lead to dehydration which can ultimately become fatal.

Excessive diarrhea is also known to cause strain on the chinchillas’ very delicate digestive system. 

Other Harmful Veggies For Your Chins

Other poisonous vegetables for chinchillas are asparagus, avocado, peas, cabbage, spinach, corn, etc.

Final Words

No doubt we have tried to provide you with as much as possible information about broccoli and its effect on chinchillas. But remember, this article is not professional advice and you should not treat it as a pet care Bible. We can only give you personal opinions. 

For the best advice, we suggest consulting professional pet care and finding out what is good food for them and what is harmful. 

Hope this article was helpful enough!