Can Chinchilla Eat Apples? Is It Poisonous For Chinchilla?

Chinchillas consume a variety of plants and grasses because they are herbivores. They should have a diet high in protein and fiber and low in fat and moisture. In their natural habitat, chinchillas consume tree bark.

Chinchillas consume various plants, although excessively lush foliage may irritate their stomachs, Thus, amounts must be controlled carefully. Hay should always be readily available. Their primary source of food is hay. Hay and grass are essential for the digestive systems of chinchillas.

Can chinchillas eat apples?

Yes, chinchillas can eat apples only in small quantities. They enjoy the sweetness of apples but struggle with the high calcium and acidity content.

Because of this, you should only give your chinchillas apples in portions no larger than 2 cm. Apples should not replace the usual diet of hay and pellets but, instead, be given as a special treat on occasion. To prevent any health issues, it’s equally crucial to know how many apples to give your chinchilla each time and how often to do so.

Nutritional value of a medium-sized (182 g) apple

Total fat0.3 g
Sodium1 mg
Total Carbohydrate25 g
Dietary fiber4 g
Sugars19 g
Protein1 g
Vitamin C14% DV
Vitamin K5% DV
Potassium6% DV
Copper4% DV

Note that “DV” stands for “daily value” and refers to the percentage of the recommended daily intake for that particular nutrient.

How often can you offer apples to a chinchilla? 

A chinchilla can have apples from time to time. The last four words are crucial to remember when offering apples to chinchillas. Apples should only be served seldom and should be thought of as a treat.

It would help if you didn’t give apples to your chinchilla more frequently than twice a week. And by one serving, we mean a single apple, not a whole apple. In other words, two tiny apple pieces a week. 

Can chinchillas eat apple peels? 

The peels are excellent because they are already tiny, which makes it less likely that you will give them too much. Your chinchilla will spend a few minutes enjoying an apple peel, both for the taste and the act of chewing.

In case you didn’t know, chinchillas love to chew, so whenever you can accomplish two goals at once, it’s a win-win situation.

How can you safely serve apples to your chinchilla? 

Can Chinchilla Eat Apples

The most crucial step when preparing apples for your chinchilla is ensuring they don’t get any seeds. When an apple seed is chewed or torn apart, a substance called amygdalin causes hydrogen cyanide to be released.

A human would need about 200 apple seeds to make them poisonous, but because chinchillas are much smaller than humans, they have far lower toxic thresholds. It is preferable to avoid giving your chinchilla any part of the apple core due to the possibility of unintentional poisoning.

One to two times every week, you can offer your chinchilla a slice of apple the size of a raisin. You can place them in your cage for their consumption. The most fiber-rich food that your chinchilla can eat is apple peel.

What other fruits and vegetables can chinchillas eat? 

The following vegetables can make up the majority of a chinchilla’s core diet:

Chinchillas need around a teaspoon a day of fresh greens. Chinchillas require high-fiber fruits like strawberries, pears, and bananas. Avoid watery fruits like melons, as they can upset the digestive tract of your chinchilla. You should only give fruits as treats to your chinchilla, such as: 

Final Words 

Ultimately, feeding your chinchilla the best and safest meals is as essential for you as it is for your chinchilla. As discussed above, apples can be served as a tasty treat occasionally, but this shouldn’t be done too frequently.

Apples shouldn’t be consumed in excessive quantities by chinchillas. If they do, it can upset your stomach. It may eventually cause nutritional issues. Your chinchilla will experience dietary problems if they overeat apples and do not have enough hay or pellets.

And of course, NO APPLE SEEDS! Don’t forget this!