Best Toys to Keep Your Chinchilla Entertained in 2023

Chinchillas are active, entertaining, and fun pets to have around. They need stimulation and playtime in order to stay healthy and happy. T

o make sure your chinchilla is getting the proper exercise and entertainment it needs, you should provide them with a variety of toys that will keep them engaged for hours on end.

From tunnels to wheels, there are plenty of options available when it comes to finding the best toys for your chinchilla. In this article, we’ll look at some of the top choices for keeping your chinchilla entertained in 2023!

Best Chinchilla Toys

eCotrition Snak Shaks

Have you ever noticed your pet chinchillas trying to hide behind small things and complete their Meal in peace? Well, this is because that is an instinct for those small animals. They hide and eat simultaneously. 

To keep this habit intact eCotrition brings a unique blend of small play logs that contain appropriate percentages of crude protein, crude fats, crude Fibre, and moisture! These logs are made with the golden honey flavor and come in different shapes and sizes.

This is one of the best Toys for chinchillas as it serves 3 different functions a tasty Chinchilla chew toy, an excellent Chinchilla cage toy hideaway and it also promotes your chinchilla’s natural chewing habit! Its natural wooden look makes it one of the best chinchilla Toys and accessories!

S-Mechanic Chew Toy

In the initial days when I bought my Chinchilla home, I often found it chewing on all sorts of things. Eventually, I realized how unhealthy and inconvenient this activity can be. But my poor chinchilla had no choice but to grind their teeth to maintain their chewing habits.

S-mechanic chew Toys are blocks of chewable lava stones one of the safe toys for chinchillas. The packaging is of 9 pieces that come in 3 different sizes. The best part about these chinchillas accessories is that they are pretty lightweight. 

That means they can easily be rolled over, tossed, and played with by your small pet rodents!

BOWOGUE Pet Snacks 

Okay, so I feel that this is among one the best chinchilla Toys and accessories. Why? Because it not only serves as one of the best chinchilla chew Toys but with its unique combination of nutrients it can be deemed as one of the best chinchilla cage Toys out there. 

These chewable Toys come in the form of short bamboo sticks of various sizes. All you need to do is throw in a couple of sticks inside their cage and sit back to watch.

In no time you’ll see your pet slinking closer starting at the chew. These sticks naturally have a sweet flavor that does wonders for your rodent’s taste buds!

And because of its delectable taste, they often tend to finish their treats without wasting much, making it one of the best chinchillas cage toys.

BWOGUE Tunnel Toy

If you are keeping pets you should always keep in mind that they don’t feel alienated from their natural habitat. To ensure this you are required to supply your chinchilla cage with natural-looking chinchilla Toys and accessories. Keep them with stuff that keeps them attached to the place.

One way to give a natural feel to the chinchilla’s cage is the introduction of this particular tunnel toy. Made from seagrass, it is handwoven to give it a tunnel-like appearance with multiple openings. So if you have more than one chinchilla, they too have great playing fields.

It is one of the safe toys for chinchillas as no stray nails are sticking out of the toy. Also, the sweet fragrance that it comes with makes it one of the best chinchilla toys that can be used by your pet rodents as great hideouts and memories from its natural habitat.

Hamiledyi Lava Blocks

Okay, so these blocks are specially designed to serve your small pet rodents including chinchillas. The package is of 8 blocks that come with metal strings. With these, they can easily be hanged inside the cage of your chinchillas leave it for them to gnaw and chew at.

Packed with nutritious calcium this is one of the best toys for chinchillas. So if your chinchillas have a problem with long front teeth, chewing on these blocks can easily help with that.

It will promote even and shapely growth of their teeth that too while providing the required calcium making it one of the best chinchilla cage toys!

toys to keep your chinchilla happy

Kaytee Chew Toys

With one of the coolest appearances, this chew toy is one of the best toys for chinchillas or any small rodent pet you have.

When compared to other toys this is much more colorful and full of options for your chinchillas. It includes wood balls, wood cheese wedges, wood logs, and other colorful blocks.

All these together are hung from a sturdy metal hook. With this chewable toy inherent near them your chinchillas have the opportunity to chew it as long as permits. And once you feel they are done, you can easily dispose of them too.

It is different from conventional chewable toys as it can only be used when hung in the chinchillas’ habitat!

Kaytee Lava Ledge Toy

This is one of the best Chinchilla toys that addresses a couple of Chinchilla problems from the get-go. So, have you ever seen your chinchillas trying to jump on flat surfaces? The reason is that their natural institution is to always jump around, preferably from relatively high grounds.

Thus it is always recommended to build some ledges inside the chinchillas’ cages that ensure their instincts and reflexes are not dampened. And for this, a Kaytee Lava ledge toy is a perfect option.

Made from safely chewable pumice rock it can easily be hung inside the cage. Also, the color used by this is safe too. This particular toy can be deemed among the best chinchilla chew toys that help not only their teeth but also their agility!

YOU+ Ledge Platform Shelf

This is again one of those rare come-across chewable toys for your chinchillas.  Unlike your traditional chinchilla toys like wooden balls, or sticks this is an entire platform shelf dedicated to providing your chinchillas with the best of fun services.

Made from completely safe rodent materials the platform features several chewable rings on a string connecting one end to another. The raised platform gives a semblance of safety to your chinchillas as naturally, these small critters tend to get high up on trees and ledges to get their beauty sleep.

With such remarkable properties, it is one of the best chinchilla chew toys you can get your hands on!

Roundler Pedal Wooden Platform

Okay, so this one is a unique piece among Chinchilla Toys and accessories and yes it serves both purposes. How? Firstly, let’s talk about how exquisite it looks. It is a wooden look shaped platform with a chinchillas-sized hole in the middle.

It comes with the required equipment so that you can easily mount it at some level in the cage. This height can also be adjusted as you please. It is made of natural pine and thus it is a safe and healthy object to be chewed upon by rodents.

As a result, this is not only a great addition to your chinchilla home, but it is also one of the safe toys for chinchillas. It features a grinding surface for teeth and also provides exercise opportunities for the chinchillas!

Hamiledyi Chew Ball

Talking about Chinchilla chew Toys, the Hamiledyi chew ball is something that must be mentioned. It is made from Timothy grass and no other additive artificial chemical or color. It is known for its safe and natural properties like the fresh smell.

These balls are handwoven using twines and strings. It is perfectly chewable and it also provides some amount of Fibre to the rodents. It is quite lightweight and thus your chinchillas can play with it or eat it after play, whatever they prefer!

And of course, chewing on these will also promote and maintain their teeth growth! Additionally, a perk of using these balls is that they are environmentally friendly and biodegradable!

Why Do Chinchillas Need Toys?

Well, chinchillas are pretty social creatures. But the problem is they like and love to socialize among themselves. They like to spend time with their brethren.

And as much as a human owner may try, getting a Chinchilla to like you enough to want to spend time with you is kinda improbable, but you never know! So what happens is that when we buy chinchillas as pets, most of us would buy a single chinchilla. I mean, that is practical after all in our busy lives we can’t be expected to make time for two pets simultaneously.

But this is a problem for the chinchillas who may feel bored and more lonely than ever because they cannot connect with you like they do with their species. Chinchillas need to stay happy to be healthy. And boredom can lead to sadness and depression in them.

To combat that and to keep your chinchillas occupied you must invest in as many chinchilla toys as possible. Make them colorful, challenging, and engaging. Trust me; you’ll see your chinchillas even minding their own business, being happy and funny!

best toys for chinchillas

Can Toys For Chinchillas Replace Human Interaction?

Well, a straight answer would be ‘No’. Human interactions cannot be replaced by Toys. But again, chinchillas don’t require much human interaction as necessary in cases of other creatures. So most of their time is anyway occupied by Toys only.

Although, your chinchillas will require regular exercise. And even if you make their cages very forest-like with ledges and jumping platforms, still it may not be enough.

In that case, you need to coax your chinchillas out, interact and play with them in a space cleared specifically for their playtime.

During this time your overview is necessary because you cannot leave them alone with Toys lest they may hurt themselves!

Things To Consider While Buying Toys For Chinchillas 


Chinchillas are small creatures who are sensitive to almost everything that seems to go out of place. So when you are buying Toys for your chinchillas ensure that they are not fraught with any additives, harmful preservatives, or any other harmful chemicals.

Chewing is a natural habit of chinchillas. Be it toys or bedding, it is obvious that they are going to chew on them. So to prevent any sort of harmful effects from chewing, you should buy Toys that use more or less natural products like wood or grass. 

Also, ensure they don’t have any stray nails or excess string sticking out. Because these can get risky for your unassuming chinchillas!


Chinchillas belong to the rodent family and are one of those creatures that have growing front teeth. So to promote and shape that growth they must have surfaces to chew and grind on. In the wild, chinchillas had ample wood to stones to groom their dental needs.

But in captivity, it is up to us to take care of those needs. If you buy Toys for your chinchillas, ensure that those toys are chewable.

They shouldn’t be very hard which could harm the teeth of the chinchillas. Rather they should just be soft and flexible enough that your small critters can play with them as well as gnaw on them!


Chinchillas are creatures who have an extremely sensitive diet. And the most important thing necessary in this diet is fiber. Without enough fiber, in their diet, it can upset their digestive system.

So it is necessary to input Fibre into their diet from anywhere possible. And what better way than the toys they are so fond of?

Chinchillas are often seen chewing on their toys, so being the owner ensures that these toys are made from nutritious substances that are flavored but a great addition to their dietary needs!

Activity Prone

Chinchillas are active creatures. They need to stay active to be happy and in turn healthy. So when buying toys for chinchillas you can’t focus on just keeping them busy.

Rather you should also pay attention to and buy something that would keep your Chinchilla active. For instance, ledges or balls are great options for chinchillas as they can be used for jumping on and playing with as well as are chewable enough in most cases!