Best Chinchilla Bedding: Comfy Options for Your Chinchillas

Are you tired of cleaning the soiled beddings of your chinchillas frequently?

I’m sure you are disgusted with the odor that seems to have permeated your living room!

Are you worried about your chinchilla’s health in that unhealthy nest?

Well, look no further. We have a solution to your problems in the form of this detailed list of Chinchilla Bedding options!

Best Chinchilla Bedding

coziest chinchilla bedding

Kaytee Clean And Cozy Bedding

As its name suggests, this bedding is one of the cleanest and coziest chinchilla cage bedding available in the market.

In the firm of small pet paper, this bedding comes in multiple colors giving you the choice of getting whatever you want for your chinchillas. The material of bedding is made to absorb up to 2 times more liquid than ordinary wood shavings!

And it is because of this, these chinchilla sheets remain dry in most cases and can prevent odors. Not only absorbent but this chinchilla bedspread is also quite don’t and fluffy. Your chinchillas can easily dig and burrow themselves in the bedding!

Additionally, these Chinchilla bed sheets are known to be dust free and thus protect your chinchillas from respiratory problems inside their cages!

Sunseed Fresh World Bedding

Unlike many chinchilla sheets, these are nothing but the usage of 100% recycled paper. If you have watched your chinchillas sleeping you must have noticed how they usually tend to chew themselves to sleep. This chinchilla bedding option is one of the few that offers it.

The paper itself is biodegradable and compostable making it a great option for use frequently. It is not bleached, nor does it use any harsh chemicals that could be harmful to your pet or you. And it also can prevent respiratory diseases due to dust accumulation.

And obviously, it is about 3 times more moisture absorbent than compared with chinchilla bedding with wood shavings!

Suppose you leave your house for a few hours and you get late. With this chinchilla bedding in place, you don’t need to worry about your chinchillas lying in their pool.

You can come back later and change it if you want, but by then most of the moisture would be absorbed!

Small Pet Select Bedding

Till last year I was using wooden shavings as Bedding materials for my chinchillas. But after one particular mishap that concluded in a huge mess and required stringent effort to eliminate the odor that seemed to have permeated all over the room! I was then advised to switch to paper as a viable option for chinchilla bedding!

I came across this small family business that sells all kinds of friendly pet products, their latest one being the premium chinchillas bedding option.

Made from 100% unbleached Virginia Fiber, this is one of the safest bedding for chinchillas. It does not contain any additives or chemicals that can potentially harm your pets.

Because it has never been printed, it is organic and easily compostable. Additionally, this is made to provide ample comfort, whether dry or wet.

The reason being it has quite a high moisture absorption property that in turn, also controls odors without adding any artificial fresheners!

Small Pet Select Pelleted Bedding 

Okay, so hands down this is one of the best chinchilla bed sheets out there and one of my personal favorites. The reason? Well, it is partly because of the amazing features it comes with and partly because it is the pelleted beddings that give a natural habitat-like feel to the chinchillas!

Made from high-density pelleted Virgin pine, this chinchilla cage bedding is one of the most environmentally friendly bedspreads for them.

Just like it is made of natural products, its odor control is also done naturally. There are no additives or artificial scenting or added chemicals.

Another great thing about this best bedding for chinchillas is that the pellets won’t stick to the fur of your pets. Thus your chinchillas can burrow and

Best in however they want and it won’t irritate their skin. The pine pellets are heat treated and thus are quite easily compostable.

And the moisture is absorbed more and more per pellet!

chinchilla comfy bedding

Carefresh Pet Bedding

This Bedding is specifically designed for your small critters. It is soft, safe, and stays clean and dry for quite a long time. These Chinchilla sheets are made of paper fiber.

And it is these natural fibers that are known for proving the softest, driest, and comfiest chinchilla cage bedding!  It uses comfy fluffy natural bedding that is gentle on your chinchillas’ paws.

That means, unlike many beddings that despite their softness may end up being too rough on the soft paws of small rodents, this chinchilla bedspread takes specific care to be as gentle as possible.

With this your chinchillas can burrow, tunnel, dig and play however they please. Their materials also exercise exceptional odor control for up to 10 days and it also absorbs 2 times more moisture than wooden shavings.

With minimal use of chemicals and additives and dust-free property, this makes one of the safest beddings for chinchillas!

Oxbow Small Animal Bedding

This is one of the best beddings for chinchillas with its use of paper bed sheets that provide a soft, safe, and easy-to-change bedspread. In an 8L bag when opened it expands into 27L of bedspread! So just imagine how much Bedding you get in one pack!

The paper used is never printed. That means it is free of any kind of harmful chemical or additive like ink, glue, etc. Thus with this amazing chinchillas cage bedding, your precious rodent is in safe hands.

The material of this Chinchilla bedspread is ultra soft, and it has fantastic moisture absorption properties.

So if your chinchillas soiled the bedding, you don’t have to worry about the prevailing smell. The bedding is designed to absorb most of the moisture and give an odor-free environment!

Also, the dust accumulation in the bedding is minimum, so your chinchillas are more or less safe from respiratory diseases. And yes, cleaning out the mess your chinchillas make becomes quite easier as you use the oxbow small animal bedding!

How To Choose Bedding For Chinchillas?

How To Choose Bedding For Chinchillas


This is the most important thing you must remember while choosing chinchilla bedding. Chinchillas have this natural tendency to chew and grind on anything and everything available to them. What better availability than their Bedding?

So it is expected that whatever Bedding you buy will be chewed upon by the critters. But the chinchillas also have a sensitive digestive system. If anything goes amiss, even a single mishap can have drastic consequences. You must pay close attention to what the Bedding is made of.

Easy To Clean

You must remember that chinchillas are sensitive creatures. So you must keep them safe and protected. And one essential way to ensure that your chinchillas are protected is to keep their nest and Bedding clean.

Chinchillas excrete hard pellets, so it shouldn’t be much difficult to get rid of. But it should be done regularly to avoid irritation or other harmful effects. To make the cleaning process easier and safer, you would require Bedding which is easy to clean!

Moisture Absorbent 

Chinchillas can hardly be trained dogs or even ferrets. So soiled or dirty Chinchilla Bedding is very common. Although cleaning your chinchilla’s cage regularly is essential, it is impossible to clean it every time it soils.

To avoid problems and diseases spread through wet bedding, you must always go for bedding that would easily absorb moisture. And this moisture absorption ability should be lasting and have a high threshold so that you don’t have to worry about your chinchilla’s health constantly!

Odor Free

This is another critical feature that is essential for your chinchilla’s bedding. And it is a side effect of the moisture-absorbing property. Your chinchilla’s bedding should be able to absorb as much moisture because wet material gives off a hideous odor.

While buying bedding for your chinchillas, ensure that the bedding is without any artificial fragrance. These types of smells tend to irritate the chinchillas and do nothing in the odor department because they just cover the odor. On the other hand, if the bedding is appropriate, the odor will not even be present in the first place!

Quality Material

If you are not using the conventional wood shavings as chinchillas bedspread, then you’ll probably go for the paper material. So while buying these kinds of bedding, ensure they are soft and comfortable. Additionally, they should also be fluffy enough for your chinchillas to burrow into.

The material should be as natural as possible, preferably never printed paper without any trace of chemicals. It should also prevent the accumulation of dust. Since breathing such dust may lead to respiratory problems for the chinchillas. 

Why Should You Buy Chinchilla Beddings?

Why not? I mean, all living creatures need some sort of conformable hideout to get a good night’s sleep! And chinchillas being creatures who spend a lot of time resting, must have some soft, comfortable, and fluffy place to burrow into when resting.

Other than this apparent reason, the best bedding for chinchillas is important because it is these beddings that make a difference in the health and habits of your critters.

If these beddings are up to the mark, they will be absorbent enough to provide your chinchillas with a dry sleeping bedspread. The comfort of these beddings gives the chinchillas a better rest and keeps them happier and healthier!