Are Chinchillas Nocturnal? Plus Their Sleeping Habits

Have you ever seen your pet chinchillas sleeping? Do you know when they sleep? Do you know when they are most active? Are you concerned that you are unable to spend time with them because when you are awake they are always asleep? Are Chinchillas Nocturnal? 

Well, then this article is just for you. Why? Because here we have tried to read and write about the sleeping habits of your furry pets: the chinchillas! We have also tried to answer some frequently asked questions regarding chinchillas’ sleep!

Why Do I Need To Understand Chinchillas Sleeping Patterns?

Well, in our opinion as a pet owner you should be aware of all the habits that your pet chinchillas exhibit. And the most important one of them is their sleeping pattern. You absolutely need to understand when and how long they normally sleep. Why?

  • The first and most important reason for reading and analyzing any habit is to differentiate it from something abnormal. For instance, your chinchilla is not really a nocturnal creature but then suddenly you notice that they are not sleeping at night. If this is one day, then yes may be acceptable but if it keeps repeating then you should really pay more attention.
  • You need to figure out the sleeping pattern of chinchillas if you want to get them into a routine or habit. By this, we mean chinchillas are creatures with a sensitive digestive systems. So any irregularity in food availability can get harmful for them. Now if you bring them food while they are asleep, well, that just fails the purpose entirely.
  • You see, sometimes chinchillas may be in need of company. They might be awake at odd hours and start off with their barking and squeaking to attract your attention for company. Now at that time you might be asleep or not there. While this is accepted a few times, a regular occurrence is not at all good. This kind of solitariness in chinchillas can lead to their stress and unhappiness which is very bad for them. But if you know the sleeping pattern of your chins, stuff like this can be stopped, at least on a daily basis.

When Do Chinchillas Sleep?

  • Like many other small mammals like squirrels, chinchillas are crepuscular creatures. That means they are mostly inactive during the day and the night. 
  • They are seen generally playing during dawn and dusk. This is about wild chinchillas who do not get out much during the night due to the predator species like larger animals. So, no chinchillas are not really nocturnal creatures. 
  • But at the same time, there might be days when you find that your chinchilla was asleep the entire day and thus it will be very active and energetic during nighttime.
  • The entire point is that your chinchillas might not be wholly active when you are awake. Because the highest energy they feature is at dawn and dusk. But again, if you somehow train your chinchillas in something else, it might adhere to that.

How do Chinchillas Sleep?

If you are talking about caged chinchillas you might often see them sleeping in positions that might appear oddly weird. 

  • They sleep with their eyes closed, their ears in a relaxed way drooping downwards and they do not always need or want to lie down while sleeping. 
  • They can sleep in any position they like, sitting up on ledges, curled unto themselves, etc. 
  • But if you have a cage with ledges you might often see them sleeping with two feet on the ground and two feet up on the ledge, keeping their chins on it and sleeping with closed eyes. Yes yes, chinchillas are a cuteness overload huh?
  • Apart from these positions when your chinchillas are in the mood they might be seen curled up in a corner of the cage almost snuggling into their bedding. Also if you have a hammock, your chinchillas are most likely to occupy that when they sleep.
  • In the wild chinchillas are mostly seen sleeping in their nests, perhaps for safety purposes.

What Is the Suitable Environment For Chinchillas to Sleep?

Well, as we said, chinchillas are naturally creatures of dawn and dusk. But there can be times when you might see your pet chinchilla being awake at night also. So You see, a major part of the sleeping pattern rests on the light and darkness availability. By this, I mean that because all animals are of nature they need some coherence of day and night to regulate their sleep.

That said, we suggest chinchillas should be kept in an area that receives ample natural light.

The environment around the chinchillas should be free from any predatory presence. Remember your chinchillas need to be relaxed to sleep. Now if they are in a constant state of stress because of the apprehension they feel due to, say, your pet dog, that’s a problem because they won’t be able to sleep in peace.

Also, the environment where you keep your chinchillas should be free from mess.

Another important thing would be you might want to let your chinchillas sleep in places where they will not be woken up by sudden noises. It startles them, which is again not a very good thing.

FAQs About Chinchillas Sleep

How long do Chinchillas sleep?

Well, it kind of depends on your Chinchillas. But chinchillas can sleep up to 10-12 hours a day, and that is quite normal.

Do Chinchillas Sleep with their eyes open?

Not really, they don’t. But their eyes sometimes close in a way that appears to be open. That means the chinchillas can close their iris and thus do not need to close their eyelids. This gives the look that they are sleeping with their eyes open. Creepy huh? Yes, we know.

Do chinchillas make any sound while sleeping?

Not generally, chinchillas do make any sound or snore during sleep. But if they do it is normal behavior and you might not be able to figure out what is wrong.

Final Words

Albeit, Chinchillas’ sleep pattern is not easily understood and analyzed. You have to be very observant and diligent in trying to figure out the pattern. But it is not impossible. Yes, it will take some time and effort but is doable. And as you know why it is necessary to know their sleeping patterns so we hope some of our readers were aided by this article!